Documents historiques

Egyptian, doc. 3: Sinuhe – P. Berlin 3022, 173-187

Sinuhe, extract. Papyrus. P. Berlin 3022, recto: Middle Egyptian literary composition.

  • Findspot: Thebes.
  • Period: Senwosret III-Amenemhat III (?), ca. 1837-1773 BCE.
  • Composition: Middle Kingdom. 12th Dynasty, ca. 1939-1760 BCE.

Egyptian, doc. 12: Teaching of Any – P. Boulaq IV, ro. 23,7-17

Teaching of Any, extract. Papyrus. P. Boulaq IV (Cairo CG 58042), recto: Late Egyptian sapiential composition.

  • Findspot: From Deir el-Medineh (?).
  • Period: Third Intermediate Period. Late 21st or 22nd Dynasty, ca. 1076-746 BCE (Quack 1994: 7-8).
  • Composition: New Kingdom. Early 19th Dynasty, ca. 1292-1191 BCE (Quack 1994: 62).

P.Bouriant 1, cahier d'écolier grec d'Égypte

Egyptian, doc. 6: A Letter "to the Lord" – P. UC 32199, recto

Middle Kingdom Letter. Papyrus. P. UC 32199: Middle Egyptian practical text.

  • Findspot: El Lahun.
  • Period: Middle Kingdom. 12th Dynasty, ca. 1939-1760 BCE.

liye- 1 154 154b

liye- 1 154 154b

Egyptian, doc. 1: The "Crimes of Sabni" – P. Berlin 8869

Old Kingdom Letter. Papyrus. P. Berlin 8869: Old Egyptian practical text.

  • Findspot: Elephantine.
  • Period: Old Kingdom. 6th Dynasty (?), ca. 2305-2118 BCE.

Egyptian, doc. 7: A Visitor’s Dipinto from Asyut (TN37)

Dipinto TN37 (previously labelled as N10): Visitor’s inscription.

  • Findspot: Tomb of the Nomarch Iti-ibi-iqer (N13.1) in Asyut.
  • Period: New Kingdom. 18th Dynasty (Amenhotep III’s reign as a terminus post quem), ca. 1539-1292 BCE (Verhoeven in prep).

Aphorismes de philosophie de la nature : Vaiśeṣika-sūtra

Manuscrit sans date identifiée, probablement assez récent (XVIIIème ? XIXème siècles ?), Oriental Manuscript Library, University of Kerala, Trivandrum (Inde)


Egyptian, doc. 9: Eulogy of Glorious Writers – P. Chester Beatty IV, vo. 2,13-3,11

Eulogy of Glorious Writers, extract. Papyrus. P. Chester Beatty IV (BM EA 10684, 5), verso: Late Egyptian miscellanies composition.

  • Findspot: From Deir el-Medineh.
  • Period: New Kingdom. 19th-20th Dynasty, ca. 1292-1077 BCE.